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Stenciled Rug Workshop

Imagine the joy of crafting a rug that not only features a design you adore but also harmonizes perfectly with the colors of your cherished abode. Your rug-design aspirations are about to come true in our captivating Stenciled Rug workshop. Delve into a realm where creativity knows no bounds, as you take the helm of your artistic journey. Upon joining us, you'll be presented with a luxurious 37" x 25" woven rug, complete with fringed ends, serving as your canvas for expression. Our curated selection of stencils offers a diverse array of designs to choose from, ensuring that your creation resonates with your personal style. Should your imagination lead you elsewhere, our team stands ready to collaborate and bring your unique vision to life. The outcome of this workshop? A rug that exudes both aesthetic brilliance and a sense of belonging, seamlessly integrating into your living space. Join us and embark on this transformative journey, where every brushstroke contributes to a rug that's more than just a floor covering – it's a testament to your artistic flair and the heart of your home.

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