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Glass Stone Workshop

Dive into the realm of creativity with our captivating glass stone workshop. Your journey begins with the delightful task of selecting from an array of charming 5" x 7" frames, each serving as a portal to your artistic vision. Immerse yourself in the realm of imagination as you embark on a transformative project that melds glass, stones, and sticks into a stunning masterpiece. With a canvas of glass, your design aspirations can truly take flight as you arrange the stones and sticks in ways that resonate with your aesthetic sensibilities. Every element you choose becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your imagination, resulting in a creation that is uniquely yours. Whether your finished piece graces a mantel, adorns a wall, or serves as a cherished gift, its enchanting beauty will undoubtedly captivate all who behold it. Join us in this workshop where the fusion of nature's treasures and artistic expression creates a symphony of textures and colors that speaks to the depths of your creativity.

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