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"Home" Sign Workshop

Indulge in the art of crafting as you step into our captivating wooden home sign workshop. Each participant will be handed a 12" round wooden canvas, eagerly awaiting your creativity. This versatile piece can be transformed into a warm and inviting 'Welcome' or 'Hello' sign, extending a heartfelt greeting to all who cross your threshold. Alternatively, it's the perfect medium to immortalize a child's name in a personalized display of affection, or to infuse your living space with the enchantment of holiday decor that spreads joy year-round. For the sports enthusiasts among us, the wooden canvas can metamorphose into a symbol of athletic passion, reflecting your favorite sports and teams. Ultimately, the design possibilities are as boundless as your imagination, allowing you to conjure a unique manifestation that resonates with your individual taste and style. Join us in this creative journey, and together let's bring life to the stories etched in wood.

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